Our Helpers...

Our midwife, Becky (right) and her assistant Deana (Womancare Midwifery)

Below is Tenielle
(Womancare Midwifery)- We only got one class in, but it helped!

Our very good friends PJ and Ellie who support us and enrich our lives in so many ways (pictured with Delilah and Sampson).

Michelina -
our “Birthnosis Coach”
(Awareness Hypnosis Center)

Below is our midwife Mary Ann (Womancare Midwifery) who we first met 3 months before we were pregnant. She worked with us the entire time and then on one of her rare trips away...
Maya arrived! 

Those not present at the birth,
yet with us through
the love we carry
in our hearts -
our families and friends.

 Thanks to all of you!

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